Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sydney Finds

During my stay in Sydney I came across so many cool brands, stores, and designers and tried to collect their business cards as a reminder to look up more about them later. In addition to the unique boutiques lining Sydney's streets, it had great markets to discover designers. Over winter break I came across the box filled with all of the flyers, ticket stubs, post cards and other random things I had collected in Australia, including tons of these business cards. Read on for a list of some of my favorites.


designer: Daisy Daet

founders: Ke Wu and Doerte Bundt

Stanndard Inc. 
designer: Claire Suzy Stannard


Ashleigh Taylor
designer: Ashleigh Taylor 

designer: Camilla Franks 

Moons of Apollo
founders: Kevin Tran and John Encomienda

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