Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sydney Finds

During my stay in Sydney I came across so many cool brands, stores, and designers and tried to collect their business cards as a reminder to look up more about them later. In addition to the unique boutiques lining Sydney's streets, it had great markets to discover designers. Over winter break I came across the box filled with all of the flyers, ticket stubs, post cards and other random things I had collected in Australia, including tons of these business cards. Read on for a list of some of my favorites.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Run Lily Run

The other week, I watched the German movie Run Lola Run, an action film comparable to Snatch. It  follows bright red haired Lola as she races the clock to save her boyfriend from coming up short to some drug dealers he owes money. As I was searching through models and cool locations to shoot, a girl named Lily Olsen and spot called the 5pointz in Queens were among the list. Lily with her light distinct hair became my Lola as I made her climb and run and back and forth around the graffiti covered streets.

Click here for larger images you can flip through. 

model: Lily Olsen